Are you a parent who is going through a divorce? If you are, it is very likely you are concerned about the outcome of child custody and visitation arrangements. You want to be able to spend as much time as possible with your children and ensure their best interests are looked after. At Powell Law Group, PC, we provide parents with sound, workable and favorable child custody arrangements.

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Understanding Virginia Child Custody

Our attorneys understand that as you go through the divorce process, you will have many questions. Among these, you have questions about how parenting time is determined. Child custody will involve physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the children live. Legal custody refers to decision-making authority regarding the children’s health care, education, religious upbringing, extracurricular activities and other matters.

In Virginia, the courts assume a 50/50 division in parenting time between the parents. If you would like to spend more than half of the time with your children, it is wise to speak with our law firm. The courts also assume a 50/50 division in legal custody. However, it is possible to deviate from the 50/50 split. Factors such as the following are considered:

  • Each child’s changing developmental needs regarding age, physical condition and mental condition
  • Each parent’s age, physical condition and mental condition
  • Existing relationship between each parent and each child
  • Each parent’s role and continuing role in each child’s care and upbringing
  • Any history of abuse
  • Preference of the child, depending on the child’s age and understanding

Our firm provides comprehensive family law services. We also handle child custody modifications after a divorce has been finalized and child custody matters that arise once paternity has been established.

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