Personal Injury Law at Powell Law GroupPersonal injury laws are “common law” — law that have a history in tradition rather than legislation. The basic doctrine is that individuals who live in a civilized society have a duty to act reasonably toward one another so as not to cause injury, whether physical or damage to property. When there is a question about whether there has been a breach of the duty of one person (tort-feasor) to act reasonably to a victim (injured party) by act or omission, a jury (trier of fact) can be called to determine if there has been a violation and, if so, the jury will be instructed by the judge about how to determine liability, and the jury will determine resulting damages , if any. Sometimes the victim may want the judge to be the trier of fact.  Below is a list that includes some of the many examples of negligence cases that Powell Law Group will prosecute on behalf of its clients.

Premises Liability

A property owner or occupier has certain responsibilities and duties to insure that people are not injured on the property that is owned or occupied. The duty owed depends on several categories of people who come onto the premises. This is something that varies on a case by case basis.

Product Liability

Companies and individuals have a responsibility not to put any defective product onto the market or as it is sometimes stated, “into the stream of commerce.” Again, there are duties owed to people who are injured by the product, and there are certain warranties which the manufacturer or seller may owe to the victim of a defective product.

Medical Malpractice Liability

Doctors have a responsibility to use reasonable care in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. If they do not use reasonable care, then they may be found liable for their negligence in the medical malpractice area of the law. These cases have become increasingly difficult to prosecute in recent years since the Virginia legislature has imposed increasingly onerous requirements before a medical malpractice case can proceed to trial.

Auto Accident & Truck Accident Liability

A driver has certain responsibilities towards other drivers or pedestrians on the road when behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. As with other categories of negligence the “duty, breach, and resulting damages” formula provides the framework for this area of the law.

We have represented countless people who have suffered injuries, sometimes catastrophic injuries, resulting from the negligence of automobile, or truck drivers.

If you feel that any of these categories or any other type of negligence has caused you injury or property damage, then you should seek advice one of our attorneys. Call us at (804) 794-4030 or toll free at 1-800-996-6503 for a free consultation. We would be glad to discuss your matter and answer any questions you may have. You may also contact us using our online form. It is important for the potential client to determine when it is too late to file an action.

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