DUI Law at Powell Law GroupPowell Law Group, PC, provides defense services to individuals charged with DUI throughout Virginia, especially in central and southern Virginia along the I-95 and I-85 corridors. If you are a Virginia motorist, Washington D.C. motorist or other out-of-state motorist and have been charged with DUI, take an important step toward protecting your rights and talk to one of our attorneys. The list of the jurisdictions, counties and cities where the attorneys of PLG defend clients is as follows:

Amelia, Brunswick, Caroline, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Emporia, Goochland, Greensville, Hanover, Henrico, Hopewell, Mecklenburg, New Kent, Nottoway, Petersburg, Powhatan, Prince George, Prince William, Richmond, Richmond Manchester, Southampton, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Sussex and more.

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Field Sobriety Tests and Breath Tests

If you were stopped for driving under the influence, the police officer may have used a variety of tests to determine the appearance of your impairment and your BAC (blood alcohol content). The officer may have asked you to walk in a straight line, stand on one leg or follow a pen with your eyes. Or, you may have been asked to blow into a Breathalyzer machine. Even if your blood alcohol content was not above the legal limit, which is .08, you may still have been charged with DUI if the officer believed you were impaired to some extent.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the defenses available regarding field sobriety testing and breath testing. We know the ways in which law enforcement can make mistakes and even act unlawfully.

Powell Law Group, PC is dedicated to building the strongest defense possible, striving to help you avoid jail time, heavy fees and loss of your driver’s license.

A charge of DUI in Virginia is classified as a class one misdemeanor and is punishable by one year in jail, 12 months suspended license and a $2,500 fine. In addition, what can make a DUI case even more complex is that the penalties and charges can change significantly depending on intoxication levels and how many prior DUI charges the person may have already.

Act Quickly to Keep Your Driver’s License

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) automatically suspends your driver’s license. If you are found not guilty of DUI, you will get your license back. You risk a 12 month driver’s license suspension if found guilty. We can help you with the processes involved in driver’s license suspension and reinstatement.

Were You Charged With DUI? Do you have a drug offense?

Our firm also provides knowledgeable DUI defense services. If you are a local driver or an out-of-state driver, talk to us to get started on your defense.

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