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What Are The Personal Injury Damages Caps In Virginia?

“Damages” are what can be paid to a victim in a case, and include medical expenses, pain and suffering, wage loss, etc., as determined by Virginia Code § 8.01-52.

In a personal injury case, there are no caps on economic and non-economic damages. This means that the entire value of a case can be recovered without the judge having to order remittitur. In many states, even if a jury awards $2 million to a plaintiff, the judge must lower the award, which is called remittitur, so that the award is in compliance with that state’s statutory cap on damages. In Virginia, this is no worry. 

While economic and non-economic damages have no cap, punitive damages do. Punitive damages are issued to punish a defendant for outrageous conduct and to deter others from acting in a similar way. Virginia’s cap for punitive damages is $350,000.00. Virginia Code §8.01-38.1

Medical malpractice cases, in contrast to personal injury cases, do have a damages cap. The cap for medical malpractice cases where the act of malpractice occurred in 2020 is:

July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020 $2.40 million

July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021 $2.45 million

Medical Malpractice caps change yearly according to when the act of malpractice took place. These caps are determined by Virginia Code § 8.01-581.15. 


Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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What happens if I am in a crash and do not have auto insurance in Virginia?

You don’t have to feel confused, scared or alone after an auto accident.

Even if you don’t have insurance…

What to do after a car accident | No insurance in Virginia | Powell Law Group

We know insurance is expensive. Sometimes clients have just not been able to make the payment after losing a job or when they get hit by other hard times.

It’s scary, and you need a way to get to work, help your children and carry on with life. Let us begin by answering a few common questions below. Then consider reaching out to our attorneys at Powell Law Group.

We can help you figure out next steps and make sure you are safe.

I Am The At-Fault Driver And I Do Not Have Insurance

If you cause a crash in Virginia and you do not have automobile insurance, you will be personally liable for any damages resulting from the collision. This includes medical bills incurred by the those who were not at-fault, and costs for any resulting property damage. You may also be subject to criminal/traffic penalties, typically limited to fines. 

I Am Not At-Fault And I Do Not Have Insurance

If you are not the at-fault driver, but are injured in a crash in Virginia and do not have automobile insurance, you can still recover for your injuries. As the driver who is not at fault, the defendant’s insurance will be liable for your injuries and medical bills. 

I Am Not At-Fault And The Defendant Does Not Have Insurance

If you are not the at-fault driver, but are injured in a crash in Virginia and the defendant does not have automobile insurance, you can still recover for your injuries. If the defendant does not have insurance, your medical expenses can be paid by your own insurance through uninsured motorist /underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. 

It is important to carry insurance when you drive, it not only protects you from liability if you cause an accident, it also protects you from being injured and without redress if you are hurt by an uninsured/ underinsured driver.

Regardless of whether you have insurance, if you are not the at-fault driver, you have options when it comes to recovering from your automobile accident injuries. For help with your personal injury automobile case, call us at 804-794-4030, submit a private form telling us a little about your accident, or chat with us through our on-line system.

Powell Law Group is ready to help you get justice.


Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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How can mediation help resolve disputes in court?

In my almost 40 years of practice, I have found that I agree with Abraham Lincoln who once said,

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.” 

Powell Law Group | Mediation In Legal Cases

In the case of a recent Product Liability Lawsuit, which our firm obtained on April 17th, 2019, I associated counsel in Ohio to collect the default judgment in the Ohio court. During an appearance in court on September 3, 2019, counsel for the defendant accepted a previous offer to mediate the judgement instead of litigation in the Virginia and Ohio courts regarding issues raised by the defendant’s attorneys, all the parties decided “to talk about it in litigation.”

As in most cases with any significant upside or downside, mediation can be an effective answer.

Mediation is an area of practice with which I have been engaged since the mid 80’s when, as a Deputy Commissioner at the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, I joined the joint committee of the Virginia State Bar and the Virginia Bar Association regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Primarily, among the alternatives to litigation in court, is mediation.  Mediation is the most widely used and most successful way for the parties themselves to come to terms with the case with regard to both issues and compensation.

The mediator is less a “judge” and more a facilitator who helps both sides compromise while looking at common interests which can get litigants past the obstacles which can cause lengthy litigation. I have been a long-time advocate of mediation as a tool to avoid litigation for the past 35 years. 

In the recent Product Liability Lawsuit, as in the majority of the other cases which I have tried or settled in the past 40 years, mediation may very well be the tool that is needed for the Ohio company and its counsel, the local Virginia counsel, and the defendant’s liability insurance company, and my injured worker to resolve this case, without undue time spent and without the needless expense of litigation. 

I will keep those who view my website fully informed on the outcome of our attempts to mediate the issues, which have risen in this case since we obtained the judgment on April of 2019.  

E. Wayne Powell, P.C.


Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle Collision Case

We recently wrapped up a motor vehicle collision case (personal injury) that took place in Hampton, Virginia, in September of 2017.

Our client was driving through a green light at a busy intersection when the entire front and side of his vehicle were crashed into by the Defendant as he drove recklessly through his traffic signal.

The Defendant was charged and found guilty of reckless driving. Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his shoulder and visited his physical therapist four times. After finishing his treatment, our client had amassed $2,040.00 in special damages, including medical treatment and wage loss.

Once our client’s pain subsided, and he was done treating with his physicians, we were able to come to a settlement agreement of more than 3x his special damages, which rarely happens since 2008. The case was settled with a well-known insurance company for $7,500.00.

Our client is now able to move on with his life knowing his case was settled for a fair amount.


Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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Can Undocumented Workers Get Workers’ Compensation In Virginia?
Undocumented Worker and Workers' Compensation | Powell Law Group | Richmond VA

If you are an undocumented worker and get hurt in Virginia, you may be wondering what benefits you may be entitled to from the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

As long as the case arises out of and in the course of employment, undocumented workers are entitled to medical benefits, wage loss benefits while completely disabled from work, and awards for permanency. An undocumented worker can still settle his case or receive lifelong medical treatment for an accident that happened on the job. 

The only palpable difference for undocumented workers in regards to Workers’ Compensation is that they are not entitled to wage loss benefits while released to light duty work. This means that wages will only be paid while the injured worker has been taken completely out of work. As soon as the worker is released to some form of light duty, wage loss benefits terminate regardless of whether the worker is marketing his residual capacity.

Undocumented workers should file claims with the Workers’ Compensation Commission so that they can receive medical and wage loss benefits.

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, or if you want to learn more about benefits you may be entitled to and how to make your Workers’ Compensation case its strongest, call us here at the Powell Law Group.


Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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Product Liability Lawsuit: $850,000
Powell Law Group | 850000 Win

Carmen was a long-time employee in a wood processing plant in Hanover, VA where she worked around sophisticated food processing machines manufactured by Eagle Manufacturing and controlled by Time Savers, an electric control company. Her job was to unblock the wood that would jam when it processed through a sawing and finishing machine. At her job station, there were no guardrails or kill switches to shut down the machines in the event that one of her garments became stuck in the multiple roller conveyor belts where the woods were processed through.

On October 19, 2015, when a jam occurred, she had to move around the large conveyor belt roller machine in order to unjam some wood that was near the finisher machine. As she reached out to unjam, her sweatshirt became caught in rollers, pulling her in, the right side of her body, and her arm into the machine causing serious injury to her arm, shoulder, and facial lacerations and scars. The industrial accident almost severed her arm. 

Fortunately, with prompt emergency services and extensive rehabilitation, her arm was saved. She remained however, with permanent disability of her right arm and the case became both a workers’ compensation and a product liability matter. The basis for the product liability lawsuit laid on the fact that there should have been protocols installed to ensure the safety of the worker using these machines. Such protocols ranged from increased guards or guard rails around the conveyor belt machine, added controls for stopping the machine in an emergency when the worker would have to walk around or lean in to unjam it, or an electric beam could have been placed to shut off immediately when a human body part was detected. In this situation, the employer placed productivity of the line to keep moving and processing wood as a higher priority. 

The companies were served in a timely manner after resolving the workers’ compensation case and neither answered the lawsuit. Subsequently, the Powell Law Group obtained a judgement for both companies in the Richmond City Circuit Court and the judge awarded $850,000 with interest dating from the date of the accident. Additionally, a judgement was also obtained in Ohio, where Eagle Manufacturing is headquartered. The Powell Law Group is currently seeking to collect on this judgement for their client. 


Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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Same-Sex Marriage

The Law firm of Powell Law Group was happy to host the couple of Claudia Flores and Kimberly Cifuentes, for a wedding ceremony in our Midlothian office.

Our office has consistently sought justice for all segments of our community, and Wayne Powell was an early supporter of same-sex marriage when it became legalized in the United States in 2015 with the Supreme Court ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges. That same year, the firm hosted one of the first gay weddings in the Richmond area, the union of Eva Reyes and Wendy Villeda. Eva and Wendy went on to share their experience and referred Kimberly to the Powell Law Group when she and Claudia were seeking for someone to marry them.

The Civil Celebrate, Frederick Hodnett, is a long-time friend of Wayne Powell’s and they served together in the Army Reserves. He performed the Cifuentes/Flores ceremony on July 30, 2019 at 3PM.

Same Sex Marriage | Powell Law Group
Civil Celebrant | Powell Law Group

At Powell Law Group we think its important that the firm stands for the importance of equality, equitable treatment of all parts of our society and we are dedicated to the proposition that the government should not prevent those people who love each other to marry each other, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Thus, this week we celebrated the wedding of Ms. Cifuentes and Ms. Flores and we wish them many happy years together!

From Car Accident Victim To Inspired Career Path
Personal Injury Paralegal Internship | Carl Succeeds | Powell Law Group.JPG

Meet Carl. He grew up in Detroit and is a single dad to a gorgeous and bright daughter.

Involved in a massive car accident, which took him years to recuperate from, he found life inspiration through his personal healing. Once he got better, Carl decided to go back to school as a path to find a desk job that could support his family. He chose to attend Strayer University and studied to become a Paralegal. Carl wants help people who find themselves in less than optimal life scenarios.

During his senior year, the school aligned internships for their students to gain valuable experience in their fields. Having been through the process of injury and restarting his life anew, an internship with a Personal Injury law firm made a lot of sense.

Carl came to Powell Law Group where he interned as a paralegal and practiced what he had learned in the classroom. He recently reached out to thank us for our support and shared this graduation picture. We are proud of Carl’s accomplishment and wish him the very best in his career!

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job or in an accident, please reach out to us. We provide free case reviews and decades of experience to get you what you deserve.


Racial Inequality Has No Room Here

Powell Law Group keeps racial equality top of mind for every client, whether race is at the forefront of the case or just a foundational factor of the client’s personal story. Believing that all humans deserve fair treatment everywhere - at work, in the hospital or on the frontlines fighting for our country - Wayne Powell has built his practice to support the hardworking, blue collar population that many times is under represented, especially when it comes to being the victim of a personal injury scenario.

HBO recently did a documentary highlighting the amazing work by Bryan Stevenson and the work of Equal Justice Initiative. Premiering tonight, June 26 at 8pm EST, the full film can be viewed for free until July 31 on HBO.com, with all rights being lifted 6 months after that for broader distribution and viewing. This story of our nation’s history and how it’s driven our current legal system to over index the incarceration of black men must be changed for the future of our nation to thrive.

If this topic stirs your heart and blood like it does ours, take a look at this Tuesday TED Talk post we did last year about how statistics are the key to fighting crime.

The Powell Law Group in Midlothian believes in the justice system and your rights. Working hard to bring justice to each of their personal injury and workers’ compensation clients, Wayne Powell and his team of lawyers, law clerks, paralegals and assistants are dedicated to continued education which they find echoed in this insightful Tuesday TED Talk series. Hope you enjoy them and learn something, too.

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job or in an accident, please reach out to us. We provide free case reviews and decades of experience to get you what you deserve.


New Office In Arlington, Virginia

Powell Law Group announces the opening of our satellite office in Arlington, Virginia.

Located at 4250 Fairfax Drive, 22203, we look forward to further supporting our clients in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. With a metro stop located outside the building, clients will have easy access by train from points in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia, and will not have to worry about navigating the complicated streets of D.C.  

Over the past three decades, Powell Law Group has provided representation to clients with catastrophic injuries all over the Commonwealth of Virginia and in Washington D.C.  Opening an office in Northern Virginia offers a convenient location to meet with clients from that area of the state, as well as extend our reach to new clients with diverse backgrounds dealing with injuries from catastrophic accidents of all types (car accidents, motorcycle accidents, small and large machinery accidents, etc.). The Powell Law Group specializes in helping multi-cultural clients needing bi-lingual services, Spanish/English and French/ English. 

As always, the Powell Law Group is available to clients, existing and potential clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling our office number, (804) 794.4030.  No matter where you live in Virginia, we can attend to your legal needs within the areas of our practice concentrations, namely personal injury cases, workers comp cases, and criminal and traffic cases. (Please note our firm only handles the criminal and traffic cases in the Richmond Metropolitan area.)  

Car Accident Settlement: $100,000
Powell Law Group | $100000 Settlement | Car Accident Injury.png

Powell Law Group was contracted to represent a severely injured driver who sustained a concussion, bruising to his arms and ribs, plus back and neck strain.

Unconscious when removed from the vehicle and transported to a hospital for emergency care, our client looked for legal representation that would help him obtain money to cover his medical costs including: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Orthopedic treatment.

While the accident was the fault of an uninsured motorist, the Powell Law Group helped the client resolve the claim with his insurance company and put the trauma and stress behind him when the case was settled for $100,000.

Voting Day - Tuesday TED Talk: "There's No Such Thing As Not Voting" by Eric Liu
I would like to vote for the first time because things are changing for Hispanics. The border wall is nothing. It’s just a wall. The wall of shame is something. It’s very important to vote so we can break down this wall of shame. I have passion in my heart. Voting gives me a voice and power. I can stand up and do something.
— The Joy of Voting, a poem written by ESL students in Hartville, Ohio shared by Eric Liu

This weeks TED Talk is by Eric Liu in the spirit of today’s midterm elections in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Wayne Powell is a firm believer in democracy, and shares Eric Liu’s passion for civic engagement in your community. “As an attorney, you are the voice for someone in a courtroom, but as a leader in my community, I keep the same mentality about being a voice for the people. I have a unique perspective about the power of democracy with so many of my clients being naturalized citizens, passionate about their identity as Hispanic Americans, dedicated to work and family values that better their communities. They want to feel represented, and know their rights and the rights of their families are protected. Democracy is a gift, and we should continue to maintain and protect that.”

Inspired by Liu’s talk about the importance of democracy, the Powell Law Group encourages you to exercise your civic duty and vote TODAY in Virginia’s Midterm Election. Voting has always been important, but in today’s culture and political landscape, its crucial. Make sure you get to the polls and cast your vote!

Here are just a few quotes from Eric Liu’s talk:

Eric Liu | Vote | Powell Law Group
  • “All citizenship is local. When politics is about us and our neighbors and other people in our community coming together to create experiences of collective voice and imagination, we begin to remember that this is the stuff of self-government”

  • “Voting matters because it is a self-fulfilling act of belief. It feeds the spirit of mutual interest that makes any society thrive. When we vote, even if it is in anger, we are part of a collective, creative leap of faith. Voting helps us generate the very power that we wish we had.”

  • “We live in a time right now, divided, often very dark, where across the left and the right, there's a lot of talk of revolution and the need for revolution to disrupt everyday democracy. Well, here's the thing: everyday democracy already gives us a playbook for revolution.”

You can verify your polling location, see which candidates are on the ballot, and look up voter resources on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Vote, Because “There is no such thing as not voting!”

Personal Injury Settlement: $40,000
Powell Law Group | Personal Injury Settlement | Car Accident.png

Representing a client who sustained back, neck, and hip injuries after a car accident, Powell Law Group helped a personal injury car accident victim get justice.

Our client was a passenger injured in a car that was struck by a driver who disregarded a traffic signal. For the pain that resulted from the car accident injuries, the client pursued treatment from physical therapists and chiropractors.

Powell Law Group was able to settle this Personal Injury case for $40,000 after sharing with the defense the client’s pain and suffering, including the aforementioned injuries and ultimately a lack of focus at work.

Tuesday TED Talk: "My Wish: Manufactured Landscapes And Green Education" By Edward Burtynsky

This weeks TED Talk Tuesday is brought to you by Edward Burtynsky a photographer dedicating his pieces to exposing humanity’s impact on the earth, and inspiring the conversation and movement towards sustainable living. Mr. Burtynsky has won multiple awards for his work, such as the 2016 Governor General’s Award in Arts and Media and the 2005 TED Prize. These images are meant as metaphors to the tragedy and the beauty of our modern existence, and it shows the dilemma at how the world is suffering at the hand of human successes.

TED Talk Tuesday | Powell Law Group | Edward Burtynsky 1.png
TED Talk Tuesday | Powell Law Group | Edward Burtynsky 2.png
  • “Be challenged by the photos -- to say, ‘Wow, this is beautiful,’ on one level, but on the other level, "This is scary. I shouldn't be enjoying it."”

  • “There's something that we're not seeing there. And it's a scary thing as well. Because when we start looking at the collective appetite for our lifestyles, and what we're doing to that landscape -- that, to me, is something that is a very sobering moment for me to contemplate.”

  • “This is a need for power, and they're willing to go through this massive transformation, on this scale, to get that power.”

  • “I photographed this woman in China- she’s been through Mao, and she's been through the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution, and now she's sitting on her porch with this e-waste beside her. It's quite something. This is a road where it's been shored up by computer boards in one of the biggest towns, and recycling is nonexistent.”

  • “I want to use my images to persuade millions of people to join in the global conversation on sustainability. And it is through communications today that I believe that that is not an unreal idea.”

Wayne Powell is a passionate advocate for the environment as well. From investing in clean energy, reducing our dependence on oil, and reducing our carbon footprint, there is no end to the list of ways to adapt to sustainable living. If you live in Virginia, check out Virginia Energy Sense sponsored by the State Corporation Commission.

I have represented a few Workers’ Compensation cases where those individuals worked in coal mines or mining jobs. As a business owner, I value advances in technology and innovation, and I understand the need to adapt to modernization. I believe we must never take the individual workers for granted, and recognize that when we talk about renewable energy, the men and women who work to build and maintain our energy structure in the Commonwealth are the human stakeholders alongside business and the environment. I hope we continue to think of advances in technology and energy that move away from conditions that hurt individuals and that hurt our environment.
— Wayne Powell

Check out some Edward Burtynsky’s website for his projects, photography portfolio, films, and books. And if you or someone you love has been injured on the job, contact the Powell Law Group to learn how our experience in helping people get justice might be right for you.

Helping Clients Get Workers' Compensation Benefits They Are Entitled To
Powell Law Group | Workers' Compensation | Insurance Management | Richmond VA

Our Workers’ Compensation client, Scott, came to us after having worked with his employer’s insurance company’s nurse case manager until the compensation benefits he was receiving were terminated. Unsure of what else he may be entitled to and his only point of contact being a nurse case manager that was not answering his many questions, Scott decided to retain the Powell Law Group’s services to help navigate his workers’ compensation case and find a solution to the ongoing management of his painful injury.

Since retaining services nine months ago, Powell Law Group has been able to get an official award in place for this Workers’ Compensation client reflecting his entitlement to benefits for his right shoulder injury, Attorney Joseph McNally Jr. along with the paralegal and workers’ compensation team, were able to coordinate with his physicians to obtain a permanency award based on the damage done to his shoulder, and gain authorization for pain management and psychological therapy.

The Powell Law Group knows that managing treatment and expenses through an employer’s insurance company is confusing, timely and often unsuccessful. It was our goal for this client to live as comfortably as possible, both physically and mentally. Our office successfully settled Scott’s case for an amount that will allow him to independently manage his treatment and expenses and be free of the insurance company.

We enjoyed working with Scott and helping him obtain what he was entitled to under Virginia compensation law.  The Powell Law Group is pleased to have been able to obtain so much for him in such a short amount of time, and be an advocate for his pain on his road to recovery.

Tuesday TED Talk: "The Power Of Diversity Within Yourself" by Rebeca Hwang

This weeks TED Talk Tuesday is brought to you by Rebeca Hwang, an inventor, entrepreneur, social innovator, investor, teacher, and a female leader in technology. Currently Mrs. Hwang serves as the co-founder and managing director of Rivet Ventures, a company helping female decision makers, creators, and investors get involved in women-led markets. Rebeca’s TED Talk is about embracing the many elements of your identity to make diversity a characteristic of your success.  

 Some quotes from Rebeca Hwang:

  • “I felt as though I could be either Korean or Argentinian, but not both. It felt like a zero-sum game, where I had to give up my old identity to be able to gain or earn a new one.”

  • “Perhaps this could be an advantage. It was easy for me to stand out, which couldn't hurt in a world that was rapidly changing.”

  • “Now, today my identity quest is no longer to find my tribe. It's more about allowing myself to embrace all of the possible permutations of myself and cultivating diversity within me and not just around me.”

  • “I hope that instead of feeling anxious and worried that they don't fit in that one box or that their identity will become irrelevant someday, that they can feel free to experiment and to take control of their personal narrative and identity.”

In a world continuing to adapt and change with globalization, embracing diversity in your background is not only personal beneficial, but pride in that diversity combats racism, discrimination, and prejudice. Our communities and our country are made up of people with complex identities, where those complexities should be viewed as a strength rather than used as a platform to alienate others.
— Wayne Powell
Wayne Powell | Army Award.jpeg

Wayne Powell believes the best way to incorporate diversity in your life is to embrace new culture and to travel. As a member of the International Association of Lawyers, and during his time in the United States Army, Wayne traveled and lived abroad, developing respect and appreciation for cultures, languages, and customs around the work that have influenced his professional and personal beliefs.

Para nuestras lectores bilingües y hispanohablantes, por favor visite https://www.ted.com/talks/rebeca_hwang_el_valor_de_nuestra_diversidad_interna para ver esta conversación como fue originalmente escrito en español.

TED Talk Tuesday: "The Revolutionary Power of Diverse Thought" by Elif Shafak

In this TED Talk Tuesday piece, we explore the complexity of our current times. Elif Shafak, a writer blending East and West, feminism and traditional, shares her perspective of today’s trend toward tribalism that pulls us apart and her hope for humanity’s ability to move towards multiplicity as the antidote and nuance as the connector.

Noting her multicultural, multinational, complex experience self, Shafak shares her appreciation of storytelling and individual human rights, much like Wayne Powell. A white man born and raised in the south can quickly get a label and tossed into a tribe before opening their mouth. The same way a black man can be labeled as he walks across the street at night or a Latino-looking woman getting out of her car with many children might begin a story in one’s mind that assumes something about them. Sadly, research today shows social media drives tribalism and this “clash between two certainties” that Shafak speaks of is highlighted. She points out how we are being denied the right to be complex. And complex the Powell Law Group knows the world is.

Wayne learned from his heritage, both good and bad, and crafted his future to treasure the nuance. His education steeped in learning multiple languages to better understand others, rooted in belief for our country, as well as helping other countries, and a burning passion to help the “common man” when life is at its most bleak, it’s the unique story of each client that keeps Wayne passionate about his legal practice of almost 40 years.

So from populist demagogues, we will learn the indispensability of democracy. And from isolationists, we will learn the need for global solidarity. And from tribalists, we will learn the beauty of cosmopolitanism and the beauty of diversity.
— Elif Shafak

Above we give you a glimpse of Elik Shafak’s literary works. They are all available on Amazon and worth checking out, if you enjoyed her TED Talk like we did.

Also, if you or a loved one face a dark time due to an injury, you don’t have to feel alone no matter if your far from your “motherland” or in the same town you were born. From traumatic brain injuries to back problems and mental health, Powell Law Group understands the “what happened to you” for each client is going to be different and range from simple to complex, but we go into every case with the same goal: Make sure our clients are getting the best medical care possible and receive maximum compensation to live the best life possible for their unique personal situation. Case reviews are free and our experience in helping people find justice is vast.

TED Talk Tuesday: "How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative" by Rocío Lorenzo

Diversity in companies. Yes, thankfully these days people are trying to be more thoughtful with their hiring strategy and team structure. But why? Just because “diversity” is a buzz word. NO. Because diversity matters.

In this 2017 TED Talk by Rocío Lorenzo, a telecom and media company consultant for the current digital age, she walks us through the research of 171 companies that clearly outlines how a company can be more innovative through diversity. Bolstering up your company’s competitive advantage through more original ideas by attaining a richer diversity, now that’s a TED Talk you should have 11 minutes and six seconds for!

For the last fifteen years, Lorenzo has worked extensively in telecommunications and media, advising senior executives across Europe and the US on strategy development, growth programs and large scale transformations. Below are a few noteworthy excerpts from her TED Talk:

  • Many leaders I met saw diversity as something to comply with out of political correctness, or, best case, the right thing to do, but not as a business priority.

  • Our data shows that for gender diversity to have an impact on innovation, you need to have more than 20 percent women in leadership.

  • My generation, your generation, represent the best-educated female generation in history, but we have failed to achieve leadership in significant numbers. Education just did not translate into leadership.

  • Making or breaking the success of diversity in your business boils down to two things: Who to hire, and who to develop and promote.

Diversity in the workplace is one of the things that set the Powell Law Group apart from other small law firms. It is one thing to be able to provide a service in Spanish, it is another altogether to have an understanding for cultural norms and customs, and respect for the humanity of others.
— Wayne Powell

Wayne Powell believes in the innovative nature and ideas that a diverse team bring to his business. With native Spanish speakers, a predominantly female staff, and a broad range of ages, we embrace the diverse demographics that make up our staff. Check out Powell Law Group’s amazingly talented and experienced staff, both in life breadth and legal help.

And just in case you need a visual reason to listen to this TED Talk, these slides are just a few of Lorenzo’s interesting findings.

TED Talk Tuesday: "Why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime" by Anne Milgram
Public safety is the most important function of government. If we’re not safe we can’t be educated, we can’t be healthy, and we can’t do the other things we want to in our lives.
— Anne Milgram

When Anne Milgram became the Attorney General of New Jersey in 2007, she was stunned to find out just how little data was available on who was being arrested, who was being charged, who was serving time in jails and prisons, and who was being released. Anne Milgram is focused on reforming the criminal justice system through smart data, analytics and technology. She is currently a Professor of Practice and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at New York University School of Law.

Anne Milgram excerpts to note:

  • Two thirds of the people in our jails are there waiting for trial. They haven't yet been convicted of a crime. They're just waiting for their day in court. And 67 percent of people come back. Our recidivism rate is amongst the highest in the world. Almost seven in 10 people who are released from prison will be rearrested in a constant cycle of crime and incarceration.

  • Using data and analytics to help make the most critical decision in public safety: whether they pose a risk to public safety and should be detained, or don’t and should be released. This one decision impacts everything- sentencing, drug treatment, crime, violence.


Anne explains current US arrest stats and the simple tool she and her team of data scientists and researchers and statisticians to build a universal risk assessment tool, so that every single judge in the United States of America can have an objective, scientific measure of risk.

They can now predict three things:

  1. Whether or not someone will commit a new crime if they're released

  2. Phether someone will commit an act of violence if they're released

  3. predict whether someone will come back to court

Practicing personal injury and workers’ compensation law for nearly 40 years, Wayne Powell has seen the crime and incarceration cycle first-hand:

Fortunately, working in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we have one of the lowest recidivism rates in the country. It goes to show the system is not totally incapable of change, especially with changemakers like Anne Milgram, and attorneys who follow through with their clients, offering them more than just legal advice and council, but resources that they can turn to once they leave the courtroom. I am determined to support my clients so that they’re not part of that statistic or that cycle.
— Wayne Powell
Click to read the full article on usnews.com

Click to read the full article on usnews.com

Report: Virginia Has Lowest Inmate Recidivism Rate Again

Virginia officials have announced that the state's re-incarceration rate is the lowest in the country for the second year in a row. (November 3, 2017)

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