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TED Talk Tuesday: "How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative" by Rocío Lorenzo

Diversity in companies. Yes, thankfully these days people are trying to be more thoughtful with their hiring strategy and team structure. But why? Just because “diversity” is a buzz word. NO. Because diversity matters.

In this 2017 TED Talk by Rocío Lorenzo, a telecom and media company consultant for the current digital age, she walks us through the research of 171 companies that clearly outlines how a company can be more innovative through diversity. Bolstering up your company’s competitive advantage through more original ideas by attaining a richer diversity, now that’s a TED Talk you should have 11 minutes and six seconds for!

For the last fifteen years, Lorenzo has worked extensively in telecommunications and media, advising senior executives across Europe and the US on strategy development, growth programs and large scale transformations. Below are a few noteworthy excerpts from her TED Talk:

  • Many leaders I met saw diversity as something to comply with out of political correctness, or, best case, the right thing to do, but not as a business priority.

  • Our data shows that for gender diversity to have an impact on innovation, you need to have more than 20 percent women in leadership.

  • My generation, your generation, represent the best-educated female generation in history, but we have failed to achieve leadership in significant numbers. Education just did not translate into leadership.

  • Making or breaking the success of diversity in your business boils down to two things: Who to hire, and who to develop and promote.

Diversity in the workplace is one of the things that set the Powell Law Group apart from other small law firms. It is one thing to be able to provide a service in Spanish, it is another altogether to have an understanding for cultural norms and customs, and respect for the humanity of others.
— Wayne Powell

Wayne Powell believes in the innovative nature and ideas that a diverse team bring to his business. With native Spanish speakers, a predominantly female staff, and a broad range of ages, we embrace the diverse demographics that make up our staff. Check out Powell Law Group’s amazingly talented and experienced staff, both in life breadth and legal help.

And just in case you need a visual reason to listen to this TED Talk, these slides are just a few of Lorenzo’s interesting findings.