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Traumatic Brain Injury - What do I do now?

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The first priority for anyone who has been a victim of a personal injury to their head and brain is timely access to expert trauma care.  Properly coordinating your medical and legal point of view is of the utmost importance.

The Powell Law Group knows that no two traumatic brain injuries are alike, and therefore each case should be handled uniquely both medically and legally. Your doctors and physicians are tasked with personalizing your treatment and care. You deserve the same individual attention and representation from your attorney, too.

Some of the most common traumatic brain injury accident causes include:

  • Slipping or falling on wet or icy floors

  • Assault by another person

  • Being injured in a motor vehicle accident: car accidents, truck accidents, and tractor trailer accidents

  • Domestic Abusive head trauma: spouse, parent or caregiver administering physical abuse

  • Workplace injuries: Injured by large machinery, unsafe work environments, co-workers

  • Military blast injury

With over three decades of experience helping clients and their families navigate the complicated world of everything from managing an interdisciplinary treatment team to repatriation and long-term life care planning, Wayne Powell and his firm are ready to help you find justice and create the best future possible.

If you have been hurt in an accident which resulted in a serious traumatic brain injury from an external force that has altered your brain function, such as a concussion, loss of consciousness or your brain's ability to continue healthy body functionality and obtain mental stability, the Powell Law Group is here for you.