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Voting Day - Tuesday TED Talk: "There's No Such Thing As Not Voting" by Eric Liu

I would like to vote for the first time because things are changing for Hispanics. The border wall is nothing. It’s just a wall. The wall of shame is something. It’s very important to vote so we can break down this wall of shame. I have passion in my heart. Voting gives me a voice and power. I can stand up and do something.
— The Joy of Voting, a poem written by ESL students in Hartville, Ohio shared by Eric Liu

This weeks TED Talk is by Eric Liu in the spirit of today’s midterm elections in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Wayne Powell is a firm believer in democracy, and shares Eric Liu’s passion for civic engagement in your community. “As an attorney, you are the voice for someone in a courtroom, but as a leader in my community, I keep the same mentality about being a voice for the people. I have a unique perspective about the power of democracy with so many of my clients being naturalized citizens, passionate about their identity as Hispanic Americans, dedicated to work and family values that better their communities. They want to feel represented, and know their rights and the rights of their families are protected. Democracy is a gift, and we should continue to maintain and protect that.”

Inspired by Liu’s talk about the importance of democracy, the Powell Law Group encourages you to exercise your civic duty and vote TODAY in Virginia’s Midterm Election. Voting has always been important, but in today’s culture and political landscape, its crucial. Make sure you get to the polls and cast your vote!

Here are just a few quotes from Eric Liu’s talk:

Eric Liu | Vote | Powell Law Group
  • “All citizenship is local. When politics is about us and our neighbors and other people in our community coming together to create experiences of collective voice and imagination, we begin to remember that this is the stuff of self-government”

  • “Voting matters because it is a self-fulfilling act of belief. It feeds the spirit of mutual interest that makes any society thrive. When we vote, even if it is in anger, we are part of a collective, creative leap of faith. Voting helps us generate the very power that we wish we had.”

  • “We live in a time right now, divided, often very dark, where across the left and the right, there's a lot of talk of revolution and the need for revolution to disrupt everyday democracy. Well, here's the thing: everyday democracy already gives us a playbook for revolution.”

You can verify your polling location, see which candidates are on the ballot, and look up voter resources on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Vote, Because “There is no such thing as not voting!”