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From Car Accident Victim To Inspired Career Path

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Meet Carl. He grew up in Detroit and is a single dad to a gorgeous and bright daughter.

Involved in a massive car accident, which took him years to recuperate from, he found life inspiration through his personal healing. Once he got better, Carl decided to go back to school as a path to find a desk job that could support his family. He chose to attend Strayer University and studied to become a Paralegal. Carl wants help people who find themselves in less than optimal life scenarios.

During his senior year, the school aligned internships for their students to gain valuable experience in their fields. Having been through the process of injury and restarting his life anew, an internship with a Personal Injury law firm made a lot of sense.

Carl came to Powell Law Group where he interned as a paralegal and practiced what he had learned in the classroom. He recently reached out to thank us for our support and shared this graduation picture. We are proud of Carl’s accomplishment and wish him the very best in his career!

If you or someone you love has been injured on the job or in an accident, please reach out to us. We provide free case reviews and decades of experience to get you what you deserve.