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Personal Injury - Motor Vehicle Collision Case

We recently wrapped up a motor vehicle collision case (personal injury) that took place in Hampton, Virginia, in September of 2017.

Our client was driving through a green light at a busy intersection when the entire front and side of his vehicle were crashed into by the Defendant as he drove recklessly through his traffic signal.

The Defendant was charged and found guilty of reckless driving. Our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his shoulder and visited his physical therapist four times. After finishing his treatment, our client had amassed $2,040.00 in special damages, including medical treatment and wage loss.

Once our client’s pain subsided, and he was done treating with his physicians, we were able to come to a settlement agreement of more than 3x his special damages, which rarely happens since 2008. The case was settled with a well-known insurance company for $7,500.00.

Our client is now able to move on with his life knowing his case was settled for a fair amount.


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