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Racial Inequality Has No Room Here

Powell Law Group keeps racial equality top of mind for every client, whether race is at the forefront of the case or just a foundational factor of the client’s personal story. Believing that all humans deserve fair treatment everywhere - at work, in the hospital or on the frontlines fighting for our country - Wayne Powell has built his practice to support the hardworking, blue collar population that many times is under represented, especially when it comes to being the victim of a personal injury scenario.

HBO recently did a documentary highlighting the amazing work by Bryan Stevenson and the work of Equal Justice Initiative. Premiering tonight, June 26 at 8pm EST, the full film can be viewed for free until July 31 on HBO.com, with all rights being lifted 6 months after that for broader distribution and viewing. This story of our nation’s history and how it’s driven our current legal system to over index the incarceration of black men must be changed for the future of our nation to thrive.

If this topic stirs your heart and blood like it does ours, take a look at this Tuesday TED Talk post we did last year about how statistics are the key to fighting crime.

The Powell Law Group in Midlothian believes in the justice system and your rights. Working hard to bring justice to each of their personal injury and workers’ compensation clients, Wayne Powell and his team of lawyers, law clerks, paralegals and assistants are dedicated to continued education which they find echoed in this insightful Tuesday TED Talk series. Hope you enjoy them and learn something, too.

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