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Can Undocumented Workers Get Workers’ Compensation In Virginia?
Undocumented Worker and Workers' Compensation | Powell Law Group | Richmond VA

If you are an undocumented worker and get hurt in Virginia, you may be wondering what benefits you may be entitled to from the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.

As long as the case arises out of and in the course of employment, undocumented workers are entitled to medical benefits, wage loss benefits while completely disabled from work, and awards for permanency. An undocumented worker can still settle his case or receive lifelong medical treatment for an accident that happened on the job. 

The only palpable difference for undocumented workers in regards to Workers’ Compensation is that they are not entitled to wage loss benefits while released to light duty work. This means that wages will only be paid while the injured worker has been taken completely out of work. As soon as the worker is released to some form of light duty, wage loss benefits terminate regardless of whether the worker is marketing his residual capacity.

Undocumented workers should file claims with the Workers’ Compensation Commission so that they can receive medical and wage loss benefits.

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