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Understanding how Personal Injury Law works can help the injured understand their case. Read here to learn some basic elements of Personal Injury laws in Virginia.  No matter what type of injury you may be dealing with, talking with a professional to understand your possible case is key. The Powell Law Group is ready to help you with a FREE consultation. 


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General Negligence

Negligence, in its most broad definition, means carelessness. Sadly people are injured all the time by the carelessness of property owners, employers or others who have the duty under the law to be careful for the common good. Not all acts of carelessness result in a legal claim, but many do. General negligence is a very broad category that needs research and documentation to prove the negligent situations that caused them. Learn more now.

Auto & Truck Accidents

A driver has certain responsibilities towards other drivers or pedestrians on the road when behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. As with other categories of negligence the “duty, breach, and resulting damages” formula provides the framework for this area of the law.  We have represented countless people who have suffered injuries, sometimes catastrophic injuries, resulting from the negligence of automobile and truck drivers. Learn more now.

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Premises liabilities

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident on someone else's property? Did the property have unsafe or defective conditions? Whether you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident, a swimming pool or amusement park accident, or suffered a physical assault, talk to The Powell Law Group now. We will persistently pursue the best possible outcome for you. Learn more about premises liabilities and how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

defective products

While the government has tried hard to place process and regulation around the manufacturing industry to ensure safety of consumers, dangerous products will still make their way into the marketplace. And when they do, innocent consumers can sustain serious injuries or die. Powell Law Group, PC, represents consumers and their family members who have suffered losses due to dangerous and defective products.  Learn more now how our experience lawyers can help you.


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