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The Powell Law Group stands apart from the rest by providing legal support in the native language of our clients, as we are the leading English and Spanish speaking law group in Virginia. For the past 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing extensive experience, professionalism, and case customization to support our clients.  

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, the Powell Law Group strives to provide the best legal representation and professional advocacy in the areas of personal injury and workers’ compensation law.  Representing clients in Virginia and the District of Columbia, we pride ourselves on winning our clients' cases so they can receive the justice they deserve.

The Powell Law Group has closed over 1800 cases and helped over 2200 clients. You can go to a big budget firm with flashy advertising and be a case number or call the Powell Law Group and be a human in need of help.

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Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

Are you injured from an auto accident or dealing with a traumatic brain injury from another incident? At Powell Law Group we specialize in helping our clients get the money they deserve to pay for overwhelming medical bills and lost wages or lost employment.

workers' compensation

Has the workplace you depend on to support you and your family unknowingly or knowingly injured you? Sadly it can happen, and when it does it's life shattering. Sustaining physical or emotional injuries from unsafe conditions at work can leave you financially in ruins. 

Traffic + Criminal Defense

No two cases are the same when it comes to traffic tickets and criminal offenses, such as reckless driving and DUIs. Your future depends on finding legal representation that will work to learn about your unique incident and protect your rights.

Character, competence, and commitment are the hallmarks of who we are for our clients.
— Wayne Powell