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Workers' Compensation

How Do I Get Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? Powell Law group can help.

Wayne Powell's father was a welder who had to wrap his legs every day because of the first degree burns, but he never failed to go to work. Wayne grew up with that vision in his mind. This dedication to providing for family is what makes Wayne want to help people just like his dad.  At the end of the day, he's a working class kid. His dad was a working class man. Wayne is here to help those that don’t have a voice. The hard working, family providers that get injured and don’t think they can say anything or do anything. Well, you can. We can. Powell Law Group - We’re ready to help you get justice.

Workers' Compensation

Since the early 20th century, Virginia, like most of the United States, adopted workers’ compensation laws to give workers an exclusive remedy under the Workers’ Compensation Act.  Powell Law Group has been helping clients receive right and just compensation for injuries obtained while at work for almost two decades. If you or someone you love thinks they have been victim of an injury due to poorly kept working facilities or processes on the job, call today for your FREE consultation.

Compensable benefits for injuries or occupational diseases

If a worker suffers an injury while working and certain legal requirements are met, then the worker is entitled to receive medical benefits related to the injury for as long as needed, and monetary compensation at the rate of two thirds (2/3) of the average weekly wage. The average weekly wage is determined by the worker’s gross earnings made up to 12 months prior to the date of accident.

Workers can develop diseases recognized by the Commission such as black lung and mesothelioma.  In addition, ordinary diseases of life can become compensable if the worker satisfies certain requirements.  

type of benefits

There are four key categories that injuries can fall under regarding Workers' Compensation laws in Virginia:

Undocumented workers are eligible for each category except Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) Compensation. As with personal injury cases, it is important for the potential client to determine when it is too late to file an action. There are also other legal requirements that the worker must meet in order to file a workers’ compensation claim.


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