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Injured From General Negligence

Are You A Victim Of General Negligence?

General Negligence

Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care. Negligence can be the result of an action or an inaction. At Powell Law Group, we believe individuals living in society have a duty to act reasonably toward one another and not be careless, so as not to cause personal injury or property damage.  We've seen personal injuries and property damage from general negligence cause financial, emotional, psychological, and physical stress for the injured party and his or her family.  

In the event of a general negligent case, a judge or jury may decide whether the person breached their duty to act reasonably toward the injured party through proof that the defendant had a duty under the law to be careful.  The Powell Law Group is ready to help you gather the evidence that will be needed to connect the negligent action or inaction of the defendant to your injury and prove to the judge or jury that you need to be awarded compensation accordingly.  

If you believe you may be suffering an injury that is the fault of someone's general negligence, it's time to talk to the law firm that will persistently pursue the best possible outcome for you. Call Powell Law Group, PC today at 804-794-4030 to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

Were You Injured in a general negligence Accident?

General negligence cases fall into many categories that can result in lasting injuries, life-long pain, and even death. The general negligence cases we represent can be proven by connecting your specific injury, property damage or business error to the carelessness of a person or a company.  Below is a list that includes examples of negligence cases that the Powell Law Group will handle on behalf of its clients:

  • Wrongful detention of a shoplifting suspect

  • Physical damage due to a cosmetologist ignoring a client’s warning about their skin and avoiding specific procedures

  • Physical disfigurement as the result of trying to help a neglected animal

  • Life threatening situations resulting in trauma or physical damage to a child under a child worker’s custody

One example of general negligence includes a client who made a purchase of an item at a large retail store, but was forcefully stopped at the exit and bullied into the security room where the store had police waiting to arrest the patron. Upon repeated showing of his receipt and further surveillance video tape review, they found it to be another store occupant of similar ethnicity stealing items in their coat.  

We Use technology and Experts

If your general negligence case will requires accessing the right technology or experts, we have the resources to call upon the correct professionals. We hire accident reconstruction experts, design professionals and others who can help our attorneys understand how and why the accident occurred.

Our attorneys persistently pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Call today to arrange your free initial consultation. We can be reached at 804-794-4030 or contact us online.

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