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How To Get Justice In Your Workers' Compensation Case

How To Get Justice After You’ve Been Injured On The Job

How can you help me get justice after being injured on the job?

You deserve justice, and while we can’t bring back the use of your arms, legs or a loved one who has died, we can get you money.

While that sounds crass, we know that when a spouse looses their life partner who was the lead income earner for the family and possibly has small children to support, they are now looking at financial hard times along with grief from the accident at work.

Powell Law Group has handled almost every type of Workers’ Compensation case or fact pattern that exist. We can’t bring a person back or make you whole and healthy again, but we can get you money you deserve to put aside for the kids education, put towards healthcare for yourself or a loved one who’s injured.

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Learn about Wayne Powell    and his almost 40 years of winning cases for clients in Virginia.

Learn about Wayne Powell and his almost 40 years of winning cases for clients in Virginia.


Powell Law Group has won MILLIONS for clients who’ve been injured on the job.

Read about one of our clients who we helped settle their Workers’ Compensation case for over $2 Million dollars.

No matter what type of injury you may be dealing with, talking with a professional to understand your possible case is key. The Powell Law Group is ready to help you.


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