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When Should I Call A Lawyer After I Am Seriously Injured?

if have been seriously injured in an accident, when should i call a lawyer?

If you are seriously injured, you need legal representation immediately. That is, as soon as you are able to communicate or a loved one can on your behalf, call The Powell Law Group. 

Hospital visits, home visits, Powell Law Group makes them to help you stay safe and get the support you need. 

The more serious the accident, the sooner the opposing insurance company is going to contact you. They will try and get you to give a statement while you are under the influence of whatever the hospital doctor gives you. 

You most likely won’t remember everything that happened, and then they will begin to ask “leading questions.”  Leading questions in the legal world start to tell a specific story.  This is dangerous for your legal case, as stating “yes” or “no” to some of these questions could make you the one at fault.

Powell Law Group has seen this scenario over and over again. Don’t let it happen to you. If you or a loved one has been in a serious accident, don’t wait - Call us today so we can help ensure your medical treatment and legal representation get you the justice you deserve. 

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Learn about Wayne Powell    and his almost 40 years of winning cases for clients in Virginia.

Learn about Wayne Powell and his almost 40 years of winning cases for clients in Virginia.


Understanding how Personal Injury Law works can help the injured understand their case.

Read here to learn some basic elements of Personal Injury laws in Virginia.  Or click here to check out our Personal Injury FAQ page.

No matter what type of injury you may be dealing with, talking with a professional to understand your possible case is key. The Powell Law Group is ready to help you.


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